The future of the kind.

In the wilderness, by a peaceful stream a man was meditating. There were many fruit trees and many crops of vegetables and many beautiful creatures. There was no noise, the air was so crisp that the man could hear his own heart because all noise was vacant! There were no planes or anything resembling a car or any radio towers nor any building structures only a beautiful heavily well made garden that the man had tended many many years there he was visited by deer, oxen, cows, bears, lions, doves and he never saw a dog. The man meditated every day and night so that by day he found much comfort for all the work he had done! The man had no fear because he lived peacefully in nature. His garden, well earned had no insects of any kind and if it did they came to pass for the mans goodness was so abundant that such a thing could not come near him because of his toil he and his garden, perfect. This same man would encounter beautiful creatures night and day and this would never come to cease. Even was visited by lambs and he did not even think about harming one creature. Never he did, because his garden was so abundant with food. This man did meditate in peace, so that no harsh conditions came apon him day or night for he was even naked! He spoke only a language that touches heart and mind, things he spoke could harm no one, also that any one who heard his language would be able to understand every bit of it! This mans meditation and prayer Healed much land that had been destructed by previous inhabitants of the earth. For the man did not know who they were nor partake in such things, life attracted this man where ever he did go.

There were few he had met all that he did, had hidden places in the garden he had planted! It was large and abundant there. There came a time when women were passing through, there was no harnessing of any kind of energy or fuel for it had all come to pass because spirit of man that of hearts and of kings and democratic leaders that did exist, and lived before had a mystery city that came to pass. It was found no more. The man and the women spoke so that the women did not want to leave! He lead them to abundant and brilliant streams of water, called on the other inhabitants of the land so that they who had learned from the man also learned from the women. For the conditions of the earth had changed after the mystery spiritual city that lead everyone astray, these men had lived very long and deeds of fornication were forgotten, the women found place in the large and amazing garden also that the women began singing , how sweet it was! That the conditions of the earth have changed because the fall of evil cities before it were laid absolute waste because of their fate! Those men lived many years because harsh conditions were found no more, for a great healing happened one not of this earth! The atmosphere was covered by a layer of water now so the earth was well insulated both by day and by night. Every thing was so light and good and pure that no one knew what disease was. Now, after many years, the garden had grown over the whole earth and the faces nor the bodies of men and women were neither burnt nor worn nor wrinkled in any way form! Still, no need for meat because the over abundance of fresh food all times of year, for the atmosphere was so great because of the water that there was no fire on the earth from the sun, made it greater. The insects were found no more. The men did not fornicate the women, for they did not know such an illness. And their love was so great that it planted seed in the women like cross pollination, new and purer beings were formed and none knew what this is. Only that they could learn from them. Through these works, the offspring made earth even better so that there was no longer was no longer any need of food! The heavens above began to change so that these new beings who grew more advanced in age could take their now healthy and fruitful men and women with them up there because now things had changed. And there came living springs above in heaven where the elders and the children meditate day and day never came to pass again. They kept going planting new forms of spiritual life where ever they went and the mothers and fathers became like the children and never passed away! As they grew more became! there was no darkness left anywhere none was found they were so great now everything is felt instead of perceived.

Origin: Matthew David Kammerer, 2011